Tarot: Major Arcana Anthology

It seems Fate has been kind… OR I’ve been working my butt off and it’s been noticed… But either way, the exciting news is that I’ll be contributing to an Invite Only anthology themed around the Major Arcana of Tarot! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I love Tarot and other forms of divination and reading! It’s 110% up my alley of interest. Continue reading

I See Hell In Your Eyes

November has rolled around…which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month, once more! I decided to participate this year, even though I’m stretched quite thin at present, as far as commitments go! The craft of Writing and the telling of stories is something I’m exceptionally passionate about. It’s pivotal to the creature that I am. Seeing my works published and shared with the world, has been a personal dream of mine now, for a long time. And so I push myself! Continue reading

When A Damned Soul Awakens

Beautiful dark joy has flooded the void where scripture tells me my soul should be. It comes in waves, a dark tide- deep and depthless, an endless sea; and I am breathless. So overcome with joy am I, that I have wept. I’ve lain lost and crawling, a nothing in time and space. And now, again, for the journey is ceaseless, I have found it. Continue reading

In Love With Fallen Angels

Somehow a whole month has bled dry before my very eyes. It’s been exhausting and emotional; And now it’s May, which¬†means my birthday is coming up! Another year older, but am I any wiser? I feel wise beyond my years, if I’m to be honest. So much is happening in my dark and twisted little world that I think I could be forgiven for not writing… Continue reading