Things are all sorts of crazy for me right now. It seems I have submissions going out constantly, acceptances coming in regularly, and a handful of Pre-Orders all happening at once! I like to be kept busy and continually making progress towards my dreams, so it’s very exciting; and goes to demonstrate further to myself ,that I am working hard and that it’s paying off! So, without further ado, as promised, here comes Part 2 of my Pre-Order Insanity blog! Continue reading “PRE-ORDER INSANITY: Part 2”

From the Heart of Darkness

March is over and April has officially begun! As a friend of mine pointed out, that means the first quarter of the year is done! I can’t believe it. I know I keep saying things to that effect, but time really feels like it’s flying for me! I’m just writing so hard, and getting so much done, it’s crazy! But it feels wonderful. And… Continue reading “From the Heart of Darkness”