Breathing New Life

To those that follow, I apologise, but it is with a heavy heart that I must announce a Hiatus of undetermined length. The reason? Family. How so? Well… I’m adding to it! I’m officially bringing another little Darkling into the world in just a few weeks and so need to take time away to rest, recuperate and enjoy the experience and bond with my precious little devil. Continue reading

Surprise! You’re Dead! Ha, Ha, Ha!

I alluded to some exciting news several days ago on my personal Facebook account… and ever since, I’ve had a few people wondering: “What’s the news? What’s going on?” Well, I’m glad to say that I can finally reveal to you my dastardly plans for world domination! Er- I mean… the news. I can finally reveal the exciting news! Ahem. Continue reading

New Moon Rising

A dastardly dark welcome to 2017! This year is proving, miraculously, to be an improvement on the past two; which I am immensely grateful for. The heartache, the fear and the pain have taken a back seat… and instead? Rage, determination and a fierce desire for vindication has taken hold! This year, I am made new. This year, I am reborn, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old. Wreathed in flame, I am a creature to BE feared. Continue reading