Pre-Order Madness & More!

When it rains, it really seems to pour in my world! And this year, it feels like I’m burning on all cylinders, all the time! But, you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. My drive to succeed, and follow my dreams, has increased ten-fold over the last two years and I’m going to keep pushing! Continue reading “Pre-Order Madness & More!”

Surprise! You’re Dead! Ha, Ha, Ha!

I alluded to some exciting news several days ago on my personal Facebook account… and ever since, I’ve had a few people wondering: “What’s the news? What’s going on?” Well, I’m glad to say that I can finally reveal to you my dastardly plans for world domination! Er- I mean… the news. I can finally reveal the exciting news! Ahem. Continue reading “Surprise! You’re Dead! Ha, Ha, Ha!”