My Favourite Publishers

Hey darklings! As always, I am sleep deprived and running on adrenaline and extreme, potentially dangerous levels of caffeine… This is going to be a quick blog, just to share with you some of the Submission Opportunities being offered at present, by some of my favourite publishers! I feel very fortunate to be kicking some serious butt on the road to my dreams, so I feel like the least I can do is lend a hand, and help my friends and follow potentially discover some writing opportunities they might have otherwise missed! Continue reading “My Favourite Publishers”

From the Heart of Darkness

March is over and April has officially begun! As a friend of mine pointed out, that means the first quarter of the year is done! I can’t believe it. I know I keep saying things to that effect, but time really feels like it’s flying for me! I’m just writing so hard, and getting so much done, it’s crazy! But it feels wonderful. And… Continue reading “From the Heart of Darkness”