Seasonal Shifter Romance Collection

The Seasonal Shifter Romance Collection, compiled by USA Today Best Selling author and anthologist, Margo Bond Collins, and published by Dangerous Words Publishing. I have novelettes featured in 3 of 4 volumes!


Title: Winter Tails
My Story: Blood & Betrayal
Theme: Seasonal Shifter Romance – Winter
Genre: Multi Genre
Format: Limited Edition eBook
Published: January 28th, 2021.
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Blurb: Fall in love with these winter tails—and teeth and fur and claws, too! Warm up on a cold winter’s day with this hot new collection featuring shifters of all kinds! Fall in love with 20+ stories featuring wolves, bears, dragons, and more by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors. Join the pursuit through the ice and snow as these shifters negotiate cold winter streets, frozen forests, pack politics, and fated mates—all while embracing their inner animals!”


Title: Falling for Shifters
My Story: Blood & Moonlight
Theme: Seasonal Shifter Romance – Autumn
Genre: Multi Genre
Format: Limited Edition eBook
Published: October 22nd, 2020.
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Blurb: “Fall in love with shapeshifters in the autumn! While the air turns colder, the leaves start to fall, and the world prepares for winter, these shifters are busy finding their mates and falling in love.
More than 20 amazing shapeshifter stories from the hottest New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors to keep you warm this fall!”


Title: Midsummer Night Shifts
My Story: Blood & Memory
Theme: Seasonal Shifter Romance – Summer
Genre: Multi Genre
Format: Limited Edition eBook
Published: July 16th, 2020.
Blurb: “Unleash the beast within! Fall in love with shifters stalking through the moonlit heat of a summer night. Join the hunt as these shifters slide through the shadows unseen, stalk their enemies, pursue their loves, and take down their prey.
Sink your teeth into 20+ stories of hot city streets, steamy tropical jungles, pack politics, and fated mates as the heroines and heroines embrace their inner animals.”