Here you can find Zoey Xolton‘s Online only publications! They consist of Poetry and Short Stories that feature in Columns, e-Zines and Journals, on Websites, as well as Blogs written for Publishers or other Authors!


THT_H2020Title: Humanity 2020
Publisher: The Horror Tree
Link: Trembling With Fear (Coming Soon!)

DarkMoments_NYETitle: New Year’s Eve, Party for One: Truth or Dare
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Link: Dark Moments (Published 31/12/2019)

TWF_BitterPunch_MiniTitle: Bitter Punch
Publisher: The Horror Tree
Link: Trembling With Fear (Published: 25/12/2019)

TheAshMan-miniTitle: The Ash Man
Publisher: Fantasia Divinity Publishing
Link: Halloween Frights (Published: 02/10/2019)

TSOIAL-TPSJ-miniTitle: The Sting of Iron & Love
Publisher: Potato Soup Journal
Link: 10-Word Stories (Published: 03/09/2019)

TGWTFTitle: The Gateway to Faerie
Publisher: Iron Faerie Publishing
Link: Hawthorn & Ash (Published: 13/07/2019)

TM&TAUT-TWF-miniSeries Title: The Master & the Apprentice (Unholy Trinity)
Titles: The Defiler, Raise the Dead & King of the Ashes
Publisher: The Horror Tree
Link: Unholy Trinity (Published: 05/07/2019)
Blurb: I was inspired to write The Master & Apprentice Unholy Trinity when the concept for an entire novel came to me in the form of three core scenes, three tangible moments in time, which would define the arc of the tale, from beginning to end. I have always loved the concept of the dangerous power-play between the Master and Apprentice, and what ills can arise from the unending desire for more. Greed is among one of the greatest evils in our world, and I wanted to show that one bad turn only begets another…
Reader Feedback: “A spectacular set of drabbles!”

TL-TPSJ-mini Title: Too Late
Publisher: Potato Soup Journal
Link: 10-Word Stories (Published: 09/06/2019)

TGGB-TPSJ-miniTitle: The Golden Gate Bridge
Publisher: Potato Soup Journal
Link: 10-Word Stories (Published: 06/06/2019)

TIB-Spillwords-miniTitle: The Iron Burned
Publisher: Spill Words Press
Link: Spill Words (Published 14/05/2019)
Reader Feedback: “So darkly triumphant!”

TBORCF-miniTitle: The Butcher of Redcreek Farm
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Link: Dark Moments (Published 13/05/2019)
Reader Feedback: “Dark and bloody, my kind of story!” … “A disturbing little tale to keep one up at night!” … “Loved it!” … “Brilliant!” … “Vivid and superbly nasty.” … “Delightfully dark.”

twf-tpm-microfictionTitle: These Precious Moments
Publisher: The Horror Tree
Link: Trembling With Fear (Published 03/03/2019)
Editor Commentary: These Precious Moments by Zoey Xolton is an atmospheric story focusing on sound, or rather the sound of silence. The need to be quiet, to slip through the shadows creates great tension. But when sound does return to Ruby’s world it brings horror with it and some very scary children.”

twf-fd-microfictionTitle: Fatal Desire
Publisher: The Horror Tree
Link: Trembling With Fear (Published 17/02/2019)
Editor Commentary: “In Fatal Desire by Zoey Xolton, we are shown just how fatal our desires can be, and what giving into them can mean.”

TOH-THH-ICON-ZX Title: Trail of Hearts
Publisher: The Horror Tree
Link: Trembling With Fear (Published 23/12/2018)


ETTT-TDM-PoetryTitle: The Devil’s Mistress
Publisher: Eye to the Telescope
Link: Issue 30 ‘Witches’ (Published 15/10/2018)


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