Dead of Winter

Remember the chill you felt when you read your first horror story? Did it keep you awake?

Get that feeling all over again, with this dark fiction collection featuring stories from 10 masters of the macabre. From post-apocalyptic horror to giving the devil her due to a must-read ode to Edgar Allen Poe. More than a few will have you sleeping with the lights on and jumping at every scratch at the window!



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What they’re saying on Amazon about “Dead of Winter”…

“Dead of Winter is a great eclectic mix of dark speculative fiction from a unique group of talented authors. Every story deserves its place in this fascinating collection! For me, ‘The Darkness Has Teeth’ by award winning Australian author Pamela Jeffs was a real stand out piece! There is definitely something for everyone in this anthology; whether you love traditional dark fantasy creatures, such as fae and demons, or you’re after a more modern and grungy take on where life with the paranormal could end up! I’d absolutely recommend this book.”
~ GothicQueen (Rating: ★★★★★)

“The contents of this dark fiction anthology are not for the faint of heart. When you open the book, you will quickly find yourself dealing with demons and malevolent characters. The stories encompass the past, present, and future. Each author caters to a different aspect of your fears. The anthology includes an excellent variety of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Fiction. Don’t read them before bedtime!”
~ Ruth K. Treadwell (Rating: ★★★★★)

“This is a fun collection of creepy stories. It is a nice addition to the genre and a good way to sample new authors to then start collecting…”
~ Scott E. Conrad (Rating: ★★★★★)

“It’s wonderful to read short stories by talented individuals, all with a common theme. I look forward to reading this book again as it gets closer to Halloween. Great read!”
~ B. Kahn (Rating: ★★★★)

“Great collection of short stories ! What a fun read!”
~ Lori (Rating: ★★★★★)

“Let me start off by stating that I enjoyed this collection of suspense/horror stories. From beginning to end it keeps you captivated. There wasn’t a dull moment. Worth the time reading and five stars.”
~ Mark Mackey (Rating: ★★★★★)

What they’re saying on social media about “Dead of Winter”…

“I finished the book, and it was great, especially your story (Only in Death), right up my alley… When I got to the end, my heart was racing and my eyes were looking for more! Congratulations. Be proud, Zoey. A great job.”
~ Barb Hill

“I read your story last night …it is truly a beautiful piece of writing!! Congratulations!! Only in Death could definitely be the beginning of a novel … and count me in for a Beta Reader when it’s done!”
~ Pamela Jeffs (2x Aurelius Award Nominee & short fiction Author)

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