That New Book Smell

My author copy of Mighty Quill BooksDead of Winter anthology finally arrived! I think I may have scared the postie when I squealed at him… but never mind that. IT’S HERE. And it’s wonderful in all the ways that beautiful, new books often are! I mean, what self-respecting reader doesn’t love that new book smell? *shivers* Continue reading


Stop the Press: Read All About It!

As an author there are several shining milestones you eventually reach that make you sit back and think “Wow…” and one of these such moments is when you start receiving positive feedback from readers about your work! Continue reading

Surprise! You’re Dead! Ha, Ha, Ha!

I alluded to some exciting news several days ago on my personal Facebook account… and ever since, I’ve had a few people wondering: “What’s the news? What’s going on?” Well, I’m glad to say that I can finally reveal to you my dastardly plans for world domination! Er- I mean… the news. I can finally reveal the exciting news! Ahem. Continue reading

“Dead of Winter” eBook Pre-Orders

It’s that time! And I’m terribly excited! You can now *Pre-Order* Mighty Quill Books brand spanking new anthology Dead of Winter in eBook format! My beautifully crafted dark faerytale “Only in Death” has the honour of featuring in this exclusive and delicious collection of 10 hand-picked must-read stories that will whet your appetite with all kinds of darkness and leave you begging for more! Continue reading