Assorted Stand Alone Collections

Assorted Stand Alone Collections, compiled by a variety of award winning and USA Today Best Selling authors, and anthologists. I have novelettes featured in these!


Title: Of Fables And Fae
My Story: The Summer Queen
Theme: Fae
Genre: Multi Genre
Format: Limited Edition eBook
Anthologist: Pauline Creeden
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: Est. July 1st, 2020.
Availability: PURCHASE NOW!
Blurb: “The Fae can be tricky creatures. Some manipulate humans while others avoid them. Will you be fooled by the glamour and magic? With more than 700 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by fairy queens, surrounded by pixies, ride alongside creatures to lands unknown, and fear whether each new Fae you meet is friend or foe.
Are you ready to get lost in the land of Faerie before your chance is lost forever? Then order this limited-edition collection of exclusive material from these USA Today and award-winning authors TODAY!”