ZX-LOGO-smallWelcome to my hellish domain! My name is Zoey Xolton and I like to daydream, and write stories about the beautiful and improbable, the dark and fantastical, as well as the terrifying and romantic! My niches are Dark Fantasy,  Paranormal Romance and Horror. I even dabble in Sci-Fi on occasion…  I write what I love to read. It’s really that simple.

I live for the Darkness. It owns my heart and eternally damned soul. I find solace in the night and in words spilled from the veins of others. I found myself in the Darkness, truth be told. The Light has never been a friend of mine. I am a broken creature, wretched and forsaken- hated and stalked. I enjoy gore and love blood. Mine is a particularly pretty colour…

I hope you enjoy, and fall in love with the deliciously horrific and tempting dark Wonderlands and characters that I give birth to! My writing is my guilty pleasure. Perhaps it will become one of yours?

If you’re genuinely inclined- you’re welcome to stalk me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Amazon!

If you’re interested in knowing one of my biggest fears, who my favourite authors are, and what my guilty pleasures are- be sure to check out my epic interview with Dragon Soul PressHERE!

Til then, thanks for visiting!
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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