zx-header-graphic-01Welcome to my hellish domain! My name is Zoey Xolton and I like to daydream and write stories about the beautiful and improbable, the dark and fantastical, as well as the terrifying and romantic! My niches are Dark Fantasy, Apocalyptic Horror & Young Adult Paranormal Romance. I write what I love to read. It’s really that simple.

I live for the Darkness. It owns my heart and eternally damned soul. I find solace in the night and in words spilled from the veins of others. I found myself in the Darkness, truth be told. The Light has never been a friend of mine. I am a broken creature, wretched and forsaken- hated and stalked. I enjoy gore and love blood. Mine is a particularly pretty colour.

I hope you enjoy and fall in love with the deliciously horrific and tempting dark Wonderlands and characters that I give birth to! My writing is my guilty pleasure. Perhaps it will become one of yours?

If you’re genuinely inclined- you’re welcome to stalk me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Amazon!

Til then, thanks for visiting!
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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